My path through Kalamazoo

Here I sit in the Albuquerque Sunport on my way to Michigan. Kalamazoo is probably my favorite conference. It’s big, it’s unabashedly medieval, it’s a great place to meet new people and reconnect with old. I’ve been going to Kalamazoo for years, and it never fails to be intellectually stimulating and incredibly fun. Going to Kalamazoo also requires making a lot of hard choices, especially if you’re an Anglo-Saxonist. What follows is my tentative plan, but it’s subject to change at whim. If you’re looking for me, these sessions are a solid bet. Are there exciting sessions I’ve missed out on?

Thursday 10:00: Bede’s Royalty with Stephen Harris and Sarah Foot (!)

Thursday 1:30: I’m torn! Either Interiority in Old English Prose and Poetry or Manuscript Context for Early Anglo-Saxon, Caroline, and Germanic Verse

Thursday 3:30: Alfredian Texts and Contexts with Joe Wingenbach, Stephanie Clark, and Hilary Fox

Thursday 7:30: Revisiting Remediation with Angela Bennett Segler, Kevin Caliendo, and me

Friday 10:00: Science, Nature, and Geography in the British Isles and Scandinavia in the Middle Ages with Eleanor Barraclough, Megan Cavell, and Helen Foxhall Forbes

Friday 1:30: In Honor of Toni Healey I: Wordcraft: Anglo-Saxon Studies after the Dictionary of Old English with Rob Getz, Cameron Laird, and Joyce Hill

Friday 3:30: In Honor of Toni Healey II: Old English Language and Literature with Eric Weiskott, Damian Fleming, Drew Jones, and Paul Szarmach

Saturday 10:00 The Vercelli Book: Accessing Vernacularity in the Tenth Century with Catherine Karkov, Rebecca Hardie, and Manish Sharma

Saturday 1:30 Unsettled Marks: To #:()@?”*!…and Beyond! A Roundtable with the Grammar Rabble Gang

Saturday 3:30 New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies II with Anthony Mansfield, Katayoun Torabi, and Dylan Wilkerson

Sunday 10:00 Anglo Saxon Studies Now (A Panel Discussion)


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